Powerhouse Shop


Directors Summary

Bernie has trained a loyal network of qualified trades people with the skills required to take on new and smart technology applications in solar power grid connect systems, solar hot water systems,  gas, central heating, cooking, reverse cycle air conditioners and evaporative cooling systems.

We have quickly out grown our first shop and the need for workshop space and vehicle acess will see us move to 2 Giles street in October 2012.

The Powerhouse Shop has undertaken a thorough business diagnosis, market research and strategic planning to identify key challenges  and design a marketing campaign. A range of market driven solutions for business development have emerged, namely:

  1. Creation and roll out of the new brand, the Powerhouse Shop, and strategies for developing the brand.

  2. The design of a suitable business model that has capacity and flexibility to meet technical and business growth challenges.

  3.  Research to understand the emerging markets and trends.

  4.  A marketing and promotions strategy that will:

    -   Differentiate the Powerhouse Shop from its competitors. 

    -   Position  the Powerhouse Shop brand in the wider market.

    -   Build strategic alliances that build market share.

    -   Gain recognition as the leading energy solutions brand in the region.

    This plan will underpin their long-term success and enable them to withstand the economic and political factors that impinge on a small businesses in the new energy market.

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