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Water Filtration


Aqualife Countertop

Aqualife Products® is the benchmark for excellence in filtration as measured by world standards. The Company offers a choice of three (3) domestic countertop kitchen bench filter systems.




Aqualife Twin Underbench

The exclusive Aqualife Products® range of twin underbench kitchen water treatment systems offers guaranteed excellence in performance as measured by world standards. Choice Magazine (March 2003) has included Aqualife within its certified point of use cartridge filters.






The Aqualife Mineralised RO P5

The Aqualife Mineralised RO P5 avoids the inefficiency and high cost of purchasing bottled distilled or standard bottle water which lacks the essential nutritional quality of tap water. This Australian developed process produces up to 300 litres per day of pure water ....





Aqualife #401 Super

The Aqualife #401 Super cartridge was the first product that established the Aqualife Corporate benchmark for standards of excellence in our range of water treatment products.



The Aqualife Ultracarb

The Aqualife Ultracarb incorporates a brand and technology that has been a global leader in drinking water filtration for over 100 years. This Aqualife product incorporates a three stage system that consists of sub micron filtration giving an efficiency of 99.9% at 0.5 to 0.8 micron.



Aqualife Spaceage

The Aqualife Spaceage cartridge is a significant advance in technology from the common hollow core and canister granular activated carbon cartridges readily available from most retail hardware and health shop outlets.


Quattro WC 1025D

Specifically chemically engineered for the food and beverage industry, the Aqualife Quattro cartridge incorporates the magazine housing technology. This cartridge design maximises contact time of water with the media and provides a four stage water treatment system.



Mineralisation Cartridge

This cartridge has been developed to improve the nutritional quality of highly refined water which has been treated by the reverse osmosis process by adding the necessary essential elements for sound human development and health.



Polyproproplene Cartridges

This series of Aqualife® sediment filter cartridges is excellent in those applications requiring the removal of suspended solids from drinking water systems.

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