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What is cooling?


Stop before you shop

Cooling is a long term investment so before you even begin looking at systems, there are a few things you should consider. For instance, how will future lifestyle changes affect your cooling needs?

Think ahead, and purchase a system that fulfils your current needs as well as your future ones. And keep in mind that a good cooling system increases the value of your home. The money you spend now is sure to pay off later.

Finally, determine how many rooms you want to cool at any given time. Figure this out, and you're half-way to finding the cooling system that's right for you.

Whole house cooling

During the summer months, everyone wants their living area cool throughout the day and their bedrooms cool at night. There are several options which make this possible.

Split refrigeration systems perform this task by cooling only the rooms they are placed in. Ducted evaporative cooling, on the other hand, can provide whole house cooling through a network of outlets located in the ceiling.

Doors open or closed?

Unlike refrigerated cooling which requires you to keep doors and windows closed to maintain a cooler temperature, evaporative cooling requires you to leave your doors and windows open. This is great news if you have children who are constantly running in and out of the house!


What is it?

Ducted evaporative cooling comprises a central cooling unit, which is connected to a series of outlets. Positioned strategically throughout the house, these outlets, or ducts, are installed in the ceiling while the cooling unit is installed on top of the roof. Cool fresh air flows through these outlets into every room of your home that you want cooled.


How does it work?

The cooling unit fan draws in fresh air from outside your house. (The hotter the air is to begin with, the better the cooling effect.) As it passes through moistened pads, the air is cooled and filtered before flowing through the ductwork and into your rooms - just like a cool, refreshing sea breeze.


Saving the environment and you

Refrigerated cooling makes the air dry and uses refrigerants which may harm the environment. Evaporative cooling, however, is based on a totally natural process of air cooled by water which means it won't dry out the air, irritate your skin, throat or eyes, or affect the environment. Evaporative cooling is also up to 50% cheaper to install and seven times** cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling.
**"Choosing a Cooling System" Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria, Nov 2002

Fresher, healthier air

Evaporative cooling is the healthiest way to cool your home because it replaces stale old air with clean fresh air many times an hour - remember, you keep your doors and windows open. The air inside your home is never re-circulated which means smells and airborne germs are expelled.

But why just benefit from evaporative cooling during summer? Simply turn on your fan and you can remove stale air from your home in the middle of winter, too.


Add-on Cooling:

Brivis ICE Series

The Brivis ICE Series add-on air conditioner gives you total climate control in your home, year round. This series incorporates a Brivis air conditioning unit as well as a Brivis ducted heater to give you both heating and cooling through the same ducts.

It uses the fan from your Brivis ducted heater to deliver cool, filtered and refrigerated air to each room. And you can install your Brivis add-on cooling system when you install your heater or at a later time.*

By installing Brivis integrated climate equipment (ICE Series), both heating and cooling can operate via the Networker or Programmable wall control. And due to the Networker being completely programmable you have the ability to set and forget.

System Requirements

A Brivis authorized dealer will need to assess your cooling needs. This will help you choose the unit that will fully integrate your cooling and heating. It will also provide you with a system that best suits your home, as well as your budget and lifestyle.

The Brivis ICE Series Cooler simply 'adds on' to your current heater.

Guaranteed to last

Brivis has been helping people choose climate systems for their homes for more than forty years and you can rely on us for total quality. Our extensive and ongoing investment in research and design means every model we make is the best possible design for Australian families and Australian conditions. Every Brivis ICE Series cooling system comes with a full five-year warranty on parts and labour. However, our ongoing commitment to quality control and research means it's highly unlikely you'll ever need to use our warranty.


Special features & Benefits

Brivis ICE Series air conditioning delivers highly efficient refrigerated cooling through the same system as your Brivis ducted heating. Which means you can have complete climate control all year with:

  • Controllable air circulation throughout the comfort zones of your home.
  • Filtered air, which helps to maintain a cleaner environment inside your home (air filters must be fitted).
  • Gas heating that provides constant warm air throughout even the coldest days and nights.
  • Refrigerative cooling that provides constant cool air, while also reducing humidity, during uncomfortably hot days and nights.
  • Single ductwork for an integrated heating and cooling system.
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