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At the Powerhouse Shop we can offer our customers the choice of a huge range of L.P.G or Natural Gas appliances.
Hurry Envestra rebates for 2014 end on the 31st August. $500 of your new natural gas hot water if change from electric. 

Our gas appliance range includes:


The Powerhouse shop has a gas hot water system to suit any home. Whether it’s one of the bestselling Apricus solar or one of the quality Bosch range, our friendly staff can find the right solution for you.

~Continuous flow gas hot water systems

Continuous flow hot water systems provide hot water on demand whenever you turn on the tap. Never run out of hot water again!
IF your current hot water system is electric and you have natural gas in your street A $500 Envestra rebate applies hurry this ends 31st August get your old electric upgraded now.

~Gas boosted solar hot water systems
On cloudy days or during heavy usage, the gas booster automatically "tops up" the hot water supply to the home.Solar gas is the most economically hot water system with solar providing up to 65% of your needs the gas booster is only on for short winter periods.



When you’re looking for new heating solutions, the Powerhouse Shop can give expert advice. You’ll be talking to knowledgable people who can help you find heating appliances that fit your needs perfectly.

Envestra rebate of $250 applies any new natural gas installation

~Portable gas heaters
LPG only
One of the biggest reasons to choose a gas portable heater instead of an electric one is because running  cost. It can be up to 50 percent cheaper to operate a heater that runs on gas versus electricity. Gas heaters are also more convenient and provide better portability, as some models do not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. 


~Flued gas heaters
Available in many different sizes and capable of providing you with hours of warmth. New co axial Flued gas heaters are great to use the flue is utilised to direct the flue gas outside and they also pull fresh air from outside and do not take the air from inside the room. Gas heaters also heat up much more quickly and begin producing heat almost immediately.and you do not have to collect and cut the wood any more.

~Gas log fires
Gas log fires and gas fireplaces add to the ambiance of any room while supplying welcoming warmth to your entire home. Add warmth and character to your home with a freestanding unit or easily retro-fit into existing fireplace and heater openings to value add to your property.no more messy wood piles heats up to 30 squares.


~Gas central heating and cooling systems
For the ultimate in comfort. Heat or cool your entire home or choose 'zoned' heating for selected rooms - very economical! Electronic ignition gives you added peace of mind and you can easily control temperature and timing with the flick of a switch.


GAS Hydronic heating

The ultimate in heating, no drafts, simple low temperature that does not dry you out, no noise. New efficient boilers and cheaper install costs makes these system a great alterantive. Slab heating or traditional radiators



~Commercial gas appliances
Gas is a dependable energy source that can really boost your business performance. Your energy source in the kitchen can be the difference between average and outstanding results. With gas you are assured of the highest level of performance. Its far more responsive than other energies and with the escalating cost of electricity, can your business afford anything else??


At the Powerhouse Shop we have a large range of commercial gas cooking appliances, including the affordable Australian made and owned LUUS products.


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